Digital Love

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Once upon a rainy afternoon when my mind wondered and I had nothing better to do I came across this gem of a website.

This is a website is a treasury of people’s adorable stories behind the mix-tapes their exes have made for them. Perfect for adding a touch of sparkle to those gloomy,dark winter days.

Something Sweet from NYC

My first high-school boyfriend, we called him little John. I was 5’ 5” and so was he, give or take, only he was two years older, which made our lives discrepant in ways the inches between us could not. Before me, he’d been with a girl whose left breast could take eight of mine. She was sexy and zaftig, and I was a virgin. Ha, a virgin, I’m pretty sure I’d kissed only one boy by then, whose lips, incidentally, I can still feel today. I was fifteen, but already, I’d had my heart snapped twice. So for this older guy (he played lacrosse, wore combat boots and a bomber jacket, was, in short, anarchic, alienated, and thus: hot), I was not going to let it happen again. If I even got within striking distance, I was going to be whatever he wanted. I started watching “The Wonder Years” for news of how to give a hand job and when this information was unavailing, I sought example in the burlesque impresario Robin Byrd—friends and I would actually sing the show’s theme song, “Baby Let Me Bang Your Box,” out loud—only to find there was no interacting on the show. No states of arousal to study, no techniques to adopt. John and I started going out and I was terrified.

Fast-forward a year. I’d had a boyfriend for a whole year! I bumbled along, embarrassed myself, but it didn’t matter: this guy loved me. Given the heartwreck that has become my experience of romance since then, I’ve learned to put a premium on the people who, quite simply, love you.In May of that year, my parents announced we were moving to Los Angeles. I’d had a party in our apartment a couple months before, which sent one kid to the hospital with kidney failure, so there was no trusting me to stay behind and finish out high school in New York. Me and John were doomed. Continue


Finding The Perfect Wedding Dress

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The search for the perfect robe de mariée can be an awfully painful process. My mother however never had this problem as she knew what she wanted and luckily she had the skill in sewing. I love my mothers wedding dress, so beautiful and she still has it : ) Unfortunately for those who are picky, indecisive and failed fabric technology at school, I, Clementine, have made this little guide to either help you or get you all silly and fuzzy over weddings!

Be organised! If you are making a special order, get the dress ordered 9 months or more ahead! It usually takes 4-6 months for them to make it and you might have to have alterations done which is exactly why you should order early. You should start looking 10 months ahead even if you are not getting a dress specially made so that you don’t have to rush or to get it out of the way. I’ve been looking for my perfect wedding dress since I was 12. If you loose/gain weight and you got the dress earlier it gives you time for alterations. And less stress for you, doing things at the last moment is a big no-no.

Magazines are lovely things. A must for the bride-to-be. The gowns are beautiful and if they’re too pricey find/make a replica. Making a scrapbook for your favourite wedding dresses is fun and helps you at the same time. If you hate getting sticky fingers buy some post-its and post all the pages you love so you can look back on. Or if you’re a computer whizz (Like moi) create folders, surf the internet, save pictures!

Be warned! You may see a wedding dress that you fall head over heels for but think, does this suit me? Does it compliment my body type? Wedding dresses are not a one size fits all.

Find a dress that flatters your figure. Here is a basic guide but you could be a mix of two body types. When shopping, take a trusted friend who can give you an honest opinion.

Hourglass: Corseted dresses are perfect for you lovely ladies. They accentuate the waist creating a beautiful look, flattering your curves. Try not to over do the corset look as that can look rather scary. Ball gowns that draw attention to your waist are also nice.
Pear shaped: An A-line dress will fall over your hips and balance torso to bust. Or full skirts, fitted bodices and decorative necklines will work wonders, the key is balance.
Petite: Clean cut, not too much fabric and jewellery to enhance. You don’t want to be swamped in your wedding dress. A nice circling skirt is lovely. Chapel or finger-tip bridal veils looks darling too, keeping you nicely framed.. A slip dress that skims the knees is also a nice look.
Tall: Halter-top styles are nice especially if you have well defined shoulders. If you have wide shoulders and are tall, avoid halters and instead strapless and scoop necklines.
Fuller bust, smaller hips: Again corseted dresses are fabulous, with a voluminous skirt to create curves. Bodices made to fit work nicely as they bring in the waist and with a nice decorative bustline will draw attention to your good points. If you’ve got it, flaunt it.

Don’t over spend and keep to a set amount of money. Second hand shops are ideal for bargains and have only been worn once. Also look for sales on the internet or in boutiques. You might take longer finding your dress but at least it’ll save you some money. Do you know anyone that can sew? Family or friends? Maybe they can sew you a dress if you pay for the fabric? 

Look for quality, don’t buy a dress that was crappy lace and really thin silk and awful beads that are glued on rather than stitched on.

Links to types of dresses and more:

Dress type:The Empire line

Dress type:The Ball Gown

Dress type:The A-Line/Princess

Dress type:The Mermaid/Sheath

Wedding Checklist

Astra Bridal NZ

Felicity’s Bridal NZ



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Poledancing Video very classy and a great way to exercise!

Thirteen trailer disturbing movie about two drug addicted teens, must see.

Free music without download

How to write good erotica stop writing crappy porn and read this (seriously there are no good erotica writers out there!)

This guy Steve Pavlina is a genius, if you’re a smart cookie check out 10 reasons why you should never get a job. 

USA’s best cupcakes, too bad I’m not from there…Who cares! I can totally make hot cupcakes!

Where’s My Feather Boa or The Guide To Burlesque Make-Up

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Dita Von Teese in Harper’s Bazaar. Stunning.


I don’t know about you, but for me Miss Von Teese is the epitomy of beauty. Elegant and strong, yet so wispy,fragile and feminine she inspires envy and deserves to be admired. Sadly us mortals aren’t blessed with Dita’s ethereal skin tone and nature-defying proportions. We can however emulate her look to an extent with the aid of every girl’s trusty sidekick-her make-up kit!


1. For flawless, smooth finish it is important to start with a fresh base. That means cleansing, toning and moisturising your face before proceeding any further.

2. Dab liquid concealer under the eyes. The concealer you use under the eyes should be slightly lighter than  the concealer you use on the rest of your face.  Using a thin brush paint the concealer just under your under-eye circles. Blend in Carefully. The light concealer will brighten the eyes and will detract attention from the black under-eye circles.

3.Evenly smooth creamy concealer all over the face aiming for a dewy,matte finish. 

4.Powder your face with light translucent powder to get rid of the shiny blotches and for staying power of your concealer.

5.Brush your eyebrows with an eyebrow brush or if you don’t have one just use a clean mascara wand. Finish off with an eyebrow pencil.

6.Apply light eyeshadow all over the eyelids. Using a light eye pencil) highlight the inner rims of  your eyes. This will visually enlarge your eyes.

7.Curl your eyelashes using an eyelash curler. Hold for 30 seconds and repeat three times. 

8. Apply pencil eye liner before you proceed with the liquid eye-liner. This will help you avoid messy,liquid eyeliner mistakes. Using liquid eyeliner create a very slight upward flick for the cat-eye effect.

9.Apply light pink blush to your cheekbones.

10. Apply darker pink blush to the apples of your cheeks.

11.Attach false eyelashes. After the glue has dried go over you newly vamp eyelashes with liquid eyeliner.  This will hide the join between the false  eyelashes and the lids.

12.Using lip-liner pencil in your lips lines. Make sure your lip-liner is a similar colour to your lips to avoid the drag-queen look. Pencil in your lips with lip-liner. This will set a good-base for your lipstick.

13. Think bright-reds or girly light-pinks for your lipstick. Apply lipstick. Apply light lipgloss to the middle of your bottom lip. This will make your lips appear larger than what they really are.

14. Powder your face to set your make-up.

15.Dust a very little amount of glitter on your eyes or wherever you feel it to be necessary.

16. Now you are all ready to go. Move over Miss Teese, here comes you.



Here’s a qreat Burlesque make-up guide for beginners: 


Take control, climb on top!

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For the most I am a pretty shy girl, who generally does what she’s told and keeps her nose out of trouble. However I make up for it in the bedroom transforming into a horny sex goddess (who has a very good taste in lingerie). Making the first move/taking control shows your confidence and inner tigeress which your man will find totally sexy! Even a shy girl can do this, just take it slow or get right into it!  



Next time you go shopping take your man (I recomend in the morning when it is not so busy and the shop assistants are lazing around…Lets just say something embarrasing could occur i.e. getting kicked out) and go straight to the underwear section of a store. Make him wait just outside your changing room (choose the one down the end). Unlock the door and ask him if he’ll help you clip your bra (or whatever you’re trying on). Pull him inside (topless mind you, last bit was a lie:P) and push him into the wall (yes somewhere inbetween those actions you do lock the door for obvious reasons) give him a long lingering kiss and anything else naughty your dirty mind can come up with.

Foot fetish:

Go to a restaurant or get him to cook/serve you and your guests dinner  (or go straight to desserts, whipped cream and cherries anyone?). When you are in the middle of eating slip off one of your shoes and with your foot slowly massage the outside of his calve and then move to the inside slower moving up his leg until you reach his crotch,  now smile across the table at him, he’ll get the message (someone’s gonna get lucky tonight). He’ll be wanting to get the guests out of your house so fast you won’t catch a goodbye!

Playing dirty:

Wear sexy lingerie (suggestions below) and tease him, don’t give it to him so easily! Build up the anticipation. Once you’ve teased him senseless lead him to the bedroom (if you aren’t already there) and tie his wrists with a silk scarve(s) or fluffy handcuffs and whisper your dirtiest fantasy in his ear. Slowly rake your fingers down his body (not too hard! Unless he’s into that…bring out the whips!) it’ll send a tingling sensation down his body. You could also plant hot kisses all over his body. Now get on top and have hot, passionate orgasmic sex!        

Links to sexy items ; )

Fluffy handcuffs

Fishnet stockings

Sheer lacetop stockings

Stiletto pumps with lace trim

Simple black stilettos


Just Because

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~ Gummo Trailer-a nasty,great shocker of a cult film from one of my favorite directors-Harmony Korine.

~What are Gothic Lolitas and what do we eat them with?

~”The journey of a thousand miles sometimes ends very badly” and other great demotivators-What a zany site! I highly recommend.

~Upcoming Sex and The City Movie Trailer-I know, I know it’s out, but a girl can’t help it.

~Ginger Racism

~mad-cool “Smokin Kils” shirts-I want one!!!!!!!!!!

~Skywhales-80s Animation Classic. Not one for the close-minded.

~Find out what personality type you have and what famous people are you most like. This site has plenty of valuable quizzes and tools

~Want pouty,kissable,surgery-free Angelina Jolie lips? Haven’t tried this myself, but I heard it works,so judge for yourself.

God gave Rock’n roll to you or the soundtrack to your life,silly

May 27, 2008 by

street msucian

I don’t know about you but ever since I was a wee little munchkin music had a profound influence on me. Certain songs and artists followed me everywhere I went. No matter how terrible or wonderful I have felt at different stages of my life music was there along for the ride.It comforted me after a painful break-up with a soppy ‘I want you back’ kind of tune.Shared my triumphs with me. Angry gutterals followed me in my ‘fuck the word’ stages and corny love songs saw me fall in and out of love.
By now you must be thinking me to be a muso extraordinaire, but sadly that’s not the case. If only I had some kind of musical capability, my passion could have had a positive outlet. Alas fate is cruel so instead of being a sultry singer with the ability to mesmerize millions or a mad-cool guitar player who gets all the girls/boys here I am left to stalk my favorite musicans and ponder on song meanings. Being quite in touch with my feelings I often tend to choose songs or even fall in love with artists who suit my mood. I may be just speaking for myself, but doesn’t everyone have a songlist that makes them soar above the Himalayas? The big brains in Penn State University have conducted an experiment testing their patients reaction to different types of music. Their experiment has proven that no matter what kind of music you listen to, it noticeably improves your mood. Be it the druggie tunes of Jamaica or Scandinavian death metal.

Being in a very retrospective mood I have compiled a list of songs that have shaped my life. Each one of these songs have changed me and morphed me into the person I am now. How about you? What songs made you, you?

Here are some of the lot:

The world’s my oyster:

Jungle Boogie-Kool and the Gang ~Banquet-Bloc Party ~Girls Just Wanna Have Fun-Cyndi Lauper

~Don’t Let me be Misunderstood-Santa Esmeralda ~She Wants To Move-N.E.R.D. ~All is Full of Love-Bjork

Summer Lovin:

~My Moon, My Man-Feist ~Dance with Me-Nouvelle Vague ~Blood Sugar Sex Magick-Red Hot Chili Peppers

~I was made for lovin you-Kiss ~Playground Love-Air ~Fuck the Pain Away-Peaches ~Love Street-The Doors

Life’s a Drag:

~Boys Don’t Cry-The Cure ~Needle in The Hay-Elliot Smith Novacaine for the Soul-The Eels

~Cyanide-Deathstars Doll Parts-Hole ~Mellon Collie and The Infinite Sadness-Smashing Pumpkins ~Bad Girl-Madonna

Love’s a bitch:

~Candy-Iggy Pop and Kate Pierson ~Fuck you I’m Beautiful-Linda Strawberry ~Love Will Tear Us Apart-Joy Division ~Sitting,Waiting,Wishing-Jack Johnson ~Number One Crush-Garbage ~Nothin Compares to U-Sinead O’Connor

Let’s Start a Riot:

~Seether-Veruca Salt ~Know Your Enemy-Rage Against the Machine ~Go to Hell-Alice Cooper

~Reject All American-Bikini Kill ~Y Control-Yeah Yeah Yeahs ~Operate-Peaches

Things Will get Better:

~Float On-Modest Mouse ~Hallelujah-Jeff Buckley ~Purple Rain-Prince ~Slow Ride-Foghat ~Speeding Cars-Imogen Heap

So, there you go. Those were some of my musical life companions. Leave a comment. I would love to know yours